“Investment for economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability”


Santiago de Chile, 26 January 2013

Brief summary of previous EU – ALC Summits

The I EU-ALC Business Summit was held in Vienna in 2006, with the theme of “Building a bridge between two Worlds through Business and Culture”. The event covered the issues of business relations; encouraging direct investment; creation and growth of employment by promoting increased competence; boosting education, research and technology; increasing financing for infrastructure; design of cooperation plans for key industries; instigation of long-term energy and environmental policies; consideration of culture and tourism as economic catalysts; and improvements to dialogue with the business community.

The II EU-ALC Business Summit, held in Lima in 2008, under the theme “Wellbeing, Sustainable Development and Social Inclusion”, set out the following as priority goals: wellbeing in terms of consolidated and strengthened democracy, institutions and public safety; promoting universal access to education, health and basic sanitation; enhancing access to new information and communications technology; and tackling transnational organized crime.

This summit also took time to analyze sustainable development with the perspective of paying special attention to climate change and natural disasters; the preservation of the environment and biodiversity for future generations; the use of clean and renewable energy; the construction of infrastructure; increasing employment; commerce and investment under the condition of legal certainty; and cooperation with relatively less developed and middle income countries.

Thirdly, the issue of social inclusion was discussed along the lines of boosting the fight against poverty; promoting respect for the rights and more equality for women, children and the disabled; encouraging training and education to stimulate employment; as well as promoting State reform, transparency and anti-corruption actions.

At the III EU-ALC Business Summit held in Madrid in 2010, under the theme “Innovation and Technology: Sharing challenges”, and in the context of the effects of the economic crisis in the finance sector in 2008, the discussions reflected on bi-regional business relations; infrastructure and the importance of Public-Private Alliance; technological innovation as an essential factor for reducing economic and social inequalities; the challenge of finding the energy equation that combines secure supply, competitiveness and sustainability; and the need to consolidate existing financial instruments, support the creation of new instruments and strengthen bi-regional cooperation between institutions.


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